D R Distribution now stocks a range of insect control products.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a legislative decree for sanitary regulations regarding food-stuffs requiring permanent and efficient programs for insect and parasite control in the food industry. These programs apply to all food businesses which carry out production, preparation, processing, manufacture, packaging, storage, transport, distribution, sale, supply or provision to the consumer. Our Insect Control Products are an effective tool in assisting compliance to the HACCP regulation.

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Adhesive Insect Control Range

The Mo-el range of adhesive insect killers offers the optimum in both electrical safety protection and advanced hygiene control. The range utilises high-power UV-A lamp technology, advanced materials and electrical components enabling many units to meet IP65 waterproof rating as well as assisting HACCP compliancy. for more information contact us HERE.

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Model 372 Model 397 Mo Butterfly 700
372 Model 397 Mo Butterfly 700
Mo Fly 701 Mo Plick 398 Mo Plick 399
Mo Fly 701 Mo Plick 398 Mo Plick 399



Say no to insects and yes to the environment with the Mo-el Insectivoro and Turbine insect killers from Pureheat. Safe for the environment and harmless to people, Insectivoro and Turbine combine high-output UV-A lamps with an extraction fan. Insects are attracted to the light, extracted from the air by fan technology and trapped in a collection tray or bag. Once inside, the insect cannot escape and dies of dehydration. There is no smell and no chemicals. The Insectivoro patented collection tray door opens and closes automatically in synchronisation with the on/off switching of the fan. The Insectivoro & the Turbine models both assist in HACCP compliancy. No Chemicals, No Odours and Totally Safe. For more information, contact us HERE.

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Insectivoro 367G Turbine 306
372  Model 397

SUK-A-BUG Insect Trap

No Chemicals - No Smells - No Zapping - No Noise - No Worries

How Does it Work?
Suk-a-Bug's shining low=energy LED blue U/V light attracts insects where they are sucked into the patented capture tray and quickly die of dehydration. The effective, silent operation does not require chemicals or sprays making it safe for all the family.
Suk-a-Bug's low energy LED light doubles as a nightlight for safety and security in any room.

  • No need to use sprays or chemicals before sleeping.
  • Choice of either full operation or LED nightlight-only option
  • Hygienic, easy-to-clean patented collecting tray. No smells or zapping splutter from dead insects.
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suk-a-bug suk-a-bug nightlight