D R Distribution offers controllers which are suitable for use with our products..


Pureheat Timerbox

The timerbox can be used for remote control of all Pureheat Highmount models. Simply turn the timer to any setting between 0 & 3 hours and the heater will operate for that time and automatically turn off. The overriding thermostat in the HM7B will cut power to the total Highmount system when the pre-set temperature is exceeded (approx. 24c), during operation on the economy element. (note: 4.5kw unit and multiple units equating to over 3.5kw require relay).

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Controller TT-MTM2
TT-MTM2 Remote Control
DRDTT-MTM2 Thermostat / Controller

The TT-MTM2 Wall Mounted Controller with Remote Control provides On/Off function with LED indicators and 3 heat options and 4 timer settings.


  • The controller allows a combination of the multiple timer (1/2/4 hour) and heat outputs (High/Medium/Low)
  • Depending on the ambient temperature there may be a requirement to control the heat output with the High, Medium and settings.
  • The timer function has Constant On, 1 hr, 2 hr and 4 hr options. This feature is ideal for applications when continuous heat is not required and reduces the likelihood of heaters being inadvertently left on.  
  • Hardwired Wall Unit With Remote Control Included
  • Suitable for the operation of single heaters only (Dimmer Control at 16 Amps/240 volts)
  • Must be installed/hardwired by a licensed electrician

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